How to Produce Community Theater 101 – Chapter 1

I put together this short guide to community theater production to help anyone involved in community theater better understand their roles and the roles of the rest of the production staff. When everyone is on the same page and understands each other’s roles in order to avoid as many misunderstandings as possible. Notice that I didn’t say avoid all of those misunderstandings. As you well know, the world of theater is filled with magic, excitement and lots of egos all trying to make themselves heard over the course of the show. The clearer we can be as a production staff in outlining each other’s roles, responsibilities, and chain of command, the better. 

Generally speaking, the less money that’s around, the less staff there is to take on the myriad roles involved in a theatrical production.

Throughout this series, I’ll describe each of the common positions in a production and what their roles are. Starting right from day 1 of talking about what show you’re going to do, all the way through closing night and strike, I’ll lay out a typical timeline for production.

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