Backstage Work Links

Working Backstage can be rough especially if you’re just getting started.

I wrote a short article about this that you can skim through.  I’d love to hear your own experiences making it work in the industry and what you might suggest to others.

  • Offstage Jobs  – Lots of gigs cooking here and it’s worth a look.
  • IATSE – likely you’re in the jurisdiction of an IATSE chapter.  They’re the ones to call.  Look for the Business Agent or Call Steward in you particular area of residence.
  • Facebook Jobs – Type in “jobs” in the search bar and go to town.  I happened to have found work through a DC Audio/Visual group on Facebook randomly so just look around.
  • Google Jobs – a powerful tool that you can use based on radius from your location, keywords, and types of work you’re looking for.