Idea – Artist Incubator

A year ago, my wife Morgan Brophy, was 2 months into a fundraising campaign to bring financial support to artists world-wide who had been affected by the crash of the entertainment industry.
Artist Relief Tree (ART) had raised close to $500,000 in order to dole out $250 checks to applicants. She and her collaborators were well aware that this was a drop in the bucket and expected it to get much worse before it got better.

Since then, the members of ART have talked copiously about a long term solution to artists and technicians having a safety net available to them when the s*** hits the fan. They wanted to help folks beyond just a $250 check that would quickly be depleted.

How about a retreat where folks could go to ply their trades in a a safe environment without the anxiety of the fiscal restraints that keep many of us (I’m also involved in the arts as a production manager) tied to picking up gigs that pay the bills even though our artistic talents may not be totally realized?

Would folks be willing to learn how to manage their finances and their talents so that they could weather the next storm?

Hence the idea of the Artist Incubator. Not just a hippy dippy commune that wants to cultivate the arts, but also an educational facility that focuses on the life skills that we all need – finances, business management, coaching, etc.

While still conceptual at this point, the Artist Incubator is not a new idea.
Check out intentional communities or artist colonies online and you’ll find lots of organizations that have been formed around like-minded individuals. Some of these organizations and communities live also within sustainable living practices and are self-sufficient – selling their art or working the land and selling surplus goods.

What are your thoughts as an artist/technician regarding the Artist Incubator?
How do you see your life if you were part of a group of like-minded people with community goals?

We’re looking for land to purchase and/or homes for sale with acreage that we can cultivate.

As a crude technician, the saying goes, no one rides for free. Meaning that even if we have goats on the “farm”, the goats better be producing!


Jeremiah – Vermont, USA

#artistcolony #artistincubator #intentionalcommunities

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