Be An Arts Hero – Arts Advocacy Resource

This morning, I was trolling around the internet looking for resources to help the arts industry. As luck would have it, I tripped on this great resource:

I know I should have found it earlier considering that we’re always looking for resources at Artist Relief Tree, but there is A LOT of information to wade through out there. Beanartshero happens to specialize in political advocacy.

Their mission: Be an #ArtsHero is an intersectional grassroots campaign comprised of Arts & Culture workers, Unions, and institutions in the United States pushing the Senate to allocate proportionate relief to the Arts & Culture sector of the American economy.

What I like most about #artshero is that the content they’re putting out that makes it easy for anybody to get involved. They have a Graphics Yard that has a ton of images you can use on your website or social media channels; a slew of letters and petitions you can use to let your Senator how you feel about the lack of financial support in this country for the arts; and a lot of statistics on how art in the United States affects the economy. They even have an Action Packet that walks you through the campaign step by step and gives you options for how you can get involved.

Here’s a “fun” stat for you:
The Arts make up 4.5% of total GDP and create over $877 Billion dollars annually in value-added to the United States economy and employ 5.1 million people.* For perspective, the airline industry alone was appropriated $50 billion in the CARES Act and the Arts & Culture sector comparatively adds $265 billion more in value to the U.S. economy than the entire transportation sector combined.
*Creative Economy State Profiles – NASAA

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re an artist or a stagehand, a director or a dancer, a painter or a singer, there’s no excuse NOT to get involved.

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