Touring with Drum Tao

I’m currently on a 3 month tour with Drum Tao in the US and Canada. Consequently, I’m a bit behind with communications so forgive me. Here’s a post I hope you’ll just put in the back of your head.

Touring in the entertainment industry comes with it’s own unique challenges compared to gigging from a static location. It also has some great takeaways.

Here are my Top 5 Positive Takeaways for Touring:

#1 – You meet great people from all different geographical areas and social walks of life.

#2 – You get the opportunity to improve the production every day.

#3 – You learn how to live with less.

#4 – You pick up local lore and learn that other people put their pants on one leg at a time.

#5 – Per diems more than pay for your normal consumption meaning that you can bank money.

Be a good person.

Good talk.