Stage Hand Rabbit Hole #1 – Save Earth

Hi readers-

Recently Morgan and I have been engrossed with living a minimalist lifestyle knowing that we as a species (humans) are largely TAKING from Mother Earth instead of being a part of the circle of life proper.
This means shedding our “stuff”.

Good luck, right?

Living in the Washington, DC area has plenty of distractions that makes living with less stuff easier said than done
We consume and we trash constantly.
But we are striving towards making a difference…

Here’s where you can make a difference as a stage hand:

  1. Education – Follow the link to the Minimalists.
    Relate or don’t but if you do, proceed to step 2.
  2. Make a plan to reduce your current possessions.
    Try the 20/20 rule – get rid of “just in case items” you’re not using that you could otherwise replace under $20 in 20 minutes. If you commit to this, celebrate by going to step 3.
  3. Share your experience with others.
    Talk with your friends and your family about saving the Earth one step at a time – every little step makes a difference.
    If you’re reading this, you probably have connections with over 200 people who might – just might – read this blog and start changing habits. Proceed to step 4 for the next step – Zero Waste
  4. Zero Waste – Check out Morgan’s Facebook posts for tips on cutting down your waste on a daily basis manageable for stage hands and production folks.

We’re trying to change the world but we’re just 2 people…now 3…now 6…and growing.
Join us.

Try this good read:

Offset your travel emissions:

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