The Ethics of Working for the Enemy

Monument to the "Weiße Rose" in front of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Today, I have the opportunity to earn money supporting a group I not only disagree with, but who’s policies and actions go against just about everything I stand for.

How far would you go for a dollar?

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Back in 1933, Germany enacted laws focusing on the reduction of unemployment. They invested millions in encouraging new business and public-works projects.* On the surface this sounded great, but of course as history shows, the Nazis had ulterior motives.

This seems like an extreme example, but for many Germans, the priority was putting food on the table and just putting one foot in front of the other in the rat race. Had there been more questioning of what was going on, perhaps history would have been different.

The lesson should not be lost over 75 years later. Where we work, who we work for, and who we support in our purchases and investments should be evaluated if we’re to avoid repeating past mistakes.

How far would YOU go for that paycheck?

Source Materials (thank you):
White Rose (die Weiße Rose)
“The Battle for Work”

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