Pop Goes the Rivet and There Goes the Rig – Tales of Audio Visual Snafus

That’s the sound we all heard as we lifted the steel grid.
Not a pleasant sound in the best of circumstances, but watching half the grid bend and break welds before it made it 2′ into the air was disheartening.

The good news is that the grid brokeĀ beforeĀ it got up in the air and otherwise posed a serious danger to patrons below.

The take away is that there are many moving parts in any production we do and just because someone is above your pay grade, doesn’t mean that they’re being safe.
We owe it to ourselves and each other to keep events safe.

I am proud of my team for going the extra mile in the interest of the production and also for pointing out questionable aspects of the install that others might have glossed over saying, “that’s not my job”.

Yes, it IS your job to look out for yourself and others.
After all, we are in a service industry.




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