Have a Good Show – 3 Tips for Avoiding Bad Attitudes Backstage

remember when you were a dick on the in shirt

remember when you were a dick on the in shirtRemember when you were a dick on the in? If you can remember, then this post today is for you. If you know someone who was that person, then do them a solid and forward this blog to them.

We all work together to get a show or event up and running. There’s always a time crunch; someone forgot the cables that connect the video wall; there’s no light plot; you didn’t get enough coffee, etc. Waa-waa. The show WILL happen. Here are some tips to help keep the day pleasant.

#1 – Rushing around like a chicken with your head cut off and pushing crews into unsafe working environments is NOT going to be the answer. We know that time is money and there’s always someone counting the dollars going out the door. It’s like speeding on the interstate. You may get there all of 10 minutes faster than you would have if you were going the speed limit but you’re running a substantially higher risk of hurting yourself or someone else in the process. You want to see a load-in stop real quick? Add an ambulance or two into the mix with half a dozen EMTs and a shutdown doc

#2 –  We all have stuff going on in our lives but when you clock in, none of that matters anymore. I repeat – NONE OF THAT MATTERS. Leave your problems at the door should be another t-shirt slogan. It’s not that no one else has issues going on in their lives but frankly, no one cares about YOUR issues and bringing them up is only going to result in a pity party and lead to a whole lot of nothing.

#3 – Most importantly, decide to have a good day. Your attitude will reflect on someone else and you either choose a good one or a bad one. You have no idea what’s going on in someone’s life that is making them cop an attitude but rest assured, see #3 – NONE OF THAT MATTERS. The only thing that matters is getting the show up, running, and back in the truck safely and efficiently.

Share this with your fellow technicians. If you have anger management issues, read this daily and strive to improve every day. Try smiling as a start. None of this work we do – as important as we’d like to think it is – is really that important that we have to hurt people to get it done.

Have a great show!


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