Adam Ruins Everything

Adam Conover - Adam Ruins Everything

I try and pull articles and resources into this blog that deal with what theatrical and live entertainment practitioners deal with on a regular basis. Mostly I focus on the soft skills. The skills that no one tells you about but are just as valuable as knowing how to run a sound board if not more so.

Adam Conover - Adam Ruins EverythingA mentor of mine used to tell me “you don’t know what you don’t know” and he was right. I didn’t know about a lot of misconceptions out there that I took for granted simply because I grew up with them or an adult told me so.

Anyway, my wife and I have gotten into a Netflix series called Adam Ruins Everything. There’s also a podcast out there in case you’re looking for some funny informational listening for the morning commute.

Adam Ruins Everything revolves around comedian Adam Conover breaking down widespread misconceptions we have in life. Everything from marriage, to student loans, drugs, prisons, and work. The show doesn’t just talk a big game, they back it up with sources and research.

Here’s a clip from the episode where Adam explains why co-workers should share what their salaries are –

Here’s the source page for the whole episode where Adam also dug into the whole notion of the 40-hour work week –

I hope you enjoyed the clip. Here’s a link to full episodes on TruTV or check out the series on Netflix. We’ve definitely gotten something out of all the episodes we’ve watched and listened to. We may not like them but we can’t deny the fact that we definitely think about things differently now.

Happy Tuesday!



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