Production Supplies

Gaff Tape
Gaff Tape

There are a ton of production suppliers out there.  Everything from Mom & Pop to full-blown international production companies with an integrated ecommerce platform.  Before you shop around, identify 2 of the 3 factors below that you need to have with your product or service.

  • FAST

Every company does something very well but very few – if any – actually are fast, inexpensive, AND provide a good quality product or service.

It’s important to know that many dealers provide gear from a wide variety of manufactures to ensure that they’re covering their basis when it comes to the customer who is looking for anything from the super high quality to the customer who has $50 to spend on an LED moving light.  It is generally true that you get what you pay for but it’s important to stay focused on your must haves before you go shopping or you’ll be price shopping or comparing reviews forever.

The best way of shopping for a new supplier is to talk to friends or business contacts you trust to see where they get their products and services from and then contact the company to see where they can assist.

Here are a couple companies comparable in product pricing and availability that I’ve personally worked with in the past.  If they don’t have it in stock, they drop-ship directly from the manufacturer.

Production Advantage – Production Advantage was one of the first true e-commerce sites out there allowing people from around the country to shop online.

Barbizon Lighting – Barbizon started as a lamp business in the ’40s but has since gone international with several stocking locations around the United States.

Where do YOU shop?

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