9 Tips for Enjoying Fall Foliage from a New Englander

I spent over 30 years in New England so I consider myself at least knowledgeable in leaf peeping etiquette.

The fall colors are wonderful and romantic. People travel hundreds of mikes to enjoy the changing of the colors. Here are some tips for getting the most for your buck:

  • Plan. Take a look at the map link so you know where and when the reds and yellows are popping in your neck of the woods.
  • Don’t wait too long! Colors and come and go quite quickly if it gets cold, its rainy and windy.
  • Pull over when you’re driving. Nothing is more exciting than seeing the colors change before your eyes as you drive between hills. That being said, drivers behind you may not take to kindly to you braking every 1/4 mile so you can take a picture. Be respectful.
  • Be a Local and SLOW down. Especially while travelling through small towns, stop at country stores, stay at bed and breakfasts, and park and stroll through town. Not only are you taking a break but you’re also immersing yourself in the culture that views nature’s beauty as the circle of life and not just a picture.
  • Take a Hike. Get out into the woods and listen to the leaves crackling under your feet. The sound of the wind rustling the leaves overhead. The smell of earth and nature. If you stop and listen every 2 minutes for 2 minutes or more, you may be lucky enough to hear wildlife exploring the landscape alongside that ridge.
  • Pack. Daypacks are great. Bring some water and snacks. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, don’t stray too far.
  • Obey Private Property Signs. They’re there for a reason so be respectful.
  • Relax, and breathe… Turn off your cell phones. Enjoy the moments.
  • Share the Experience. Post here with a brief comment on how your leaf peeping experience was awesome!

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