Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Must Attend

Attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Edinburgh Fringe

If you’re a technician or a performer, you’re a professional or a student, a lover of the theatre, you NEED to attend the Edinburgh Fringe.




My wife and I advocate that arts leads to social change.  Consider that over 2.5 million tickets were issued at the 2017 Fringe.*  If you were to have one person out of every performance at the Fringe tell you that their minds had been changed about a certain topic, that would be 3,398 lives changed.  Certainly a success that every person in the performing arts could be and should be proud of.


Edinburgh Fringe is the Mecca of performing arts.  No joke.  In 2017, the Festival “spanned 25 days and featured 53,232 performances of 3,398 shows in 300 venues.”  Theatre Trusts in the UK lists 19 positions who support the performance*.  For simplicity, that’s 64,562 folks beside the performers who are supporting these shows.  Stage managers, light board and sound board operators, production managers, run crew, spotlight operators, etc.  If you come from a graduating class of 150 (like I did), with nothing but a Drama Club led by your biology teacher, that’s a lot of people who are part of your tribe who you can connect with.


As an American, travelling to another country is nothing short of mind-blowing.  The United States is a large country, geographically speaking.  I’ve seen a lot of it and absolutely love the people I’ve met and the places I’ve seen.  The United States is also a relatively young country – under 300 years old.  Spending time in a society and culture that has been through several centuries more worth of development puts our own awareness in perspective.  The languages and the norms of every day life abroad give you a different idea of what it means to be a citizen of the world, and not just of the United States.

If you have comments regarding this topic, I welcome them.


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  1. You had me at “arts leads to social change.” Everyone should go at least once to the world’s largest performing arts festival. Performance artists – on and off stage – should go often. And, the networking and travel are great reasons, too.

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