Easy Websites

Websites are what the phone book was 20 years ago.  If you’re not on the web, you’re definitely not capitalizing on free (or at least dirt cheap) marketing.

Crossed out Yellow Pages

Whether you’re a freelancer, a solopreneur, or even a large company, you should have an online presence.  10 years ago, you had to be a programmer to create your own site that is long gone.  The only things you need to know are:

  • Domains – the http://www.yourcompanyname.com – the address by which people can reach you at.
  • Hosting – the plot of land that you “own” that equates to where your domain is pointed toward and where you “build” your site.
  • Content – what is your message, your product and/or service.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re just getting started establishing a web presence (outside of social media of course – deal with that later).

DOMAINS – I first go to a 1and1.com where they have a free domain checker.  I try not to sweat the exact name too much.  The name of your company is a good start.  Having a few specific words that describe your business never hurt and you’ll appreciate it later in SEO.

HOSTING – Find a place that you can build easily.  I like one-stop-shops so again, I recommend 1and1.com.  WordPress is also a good place to build your website.  The thing to be aware of is that there will be a learning curve regardless of where you build.  The interface at 1and1.com is different than WordPress.  Either of these are cheap to try.  If you don’t like it, toss it and try something else.  If you need some help or suggestions, give me a buzz at bullfrog@jeremiahbrophy.com

CONTENT – This is where you shine.  Your story and what you’re all about.  If you’re unclear at this point what you’re doing, I highly recommend Simon Sinek’s materials.  I consider his 2009 TedTalk video to be the most fundamental first step in LIFE in general, nevermind business.

Disclaimer:  I’ve used 1and1.com for over ten years.  They’re not the only game in town by any stretch of the imagination but they have domains and simple hosting packages which I build for folks just getting started.  I also happen to have an affiliate program with them so if you click on these 1and1.com links, I do get paid.  Just saying.

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